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At Saadat Spine, we take a holistic approach to the treatment of our patients with back pain. We believe that surgery is NOT the only solution to back pain, and most patients with lower back or neck problems can be effectively treated without surgery.

How We Accurately Diagnose Back Pain

The first step in treating back pain is arriving at an accurate diagnosis. Without an accurate diagnosis, any treatment is likely to be “a shot in the dark.”

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In our practice, we spend time talking to our patients to understand their symptoms, perform a detailed physical examination, and thoughtfully utilize advanced imaging modalities such as MRI and CT scans and nerve testing, to arrive at a clear diagnosis that explains the patient’s symptoms.

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Our office is one of the few practices in the state of California to use EOS imaging, the most advanced imaging technology for x-rays, which uses very little radiation to produce high-resolution xrays to study the alignment of the spine. We also use SPECT-CT scanning, another cutting-edge imaging technology only available at select centers, to help pinpoint the source of pain in the spine. 

Back Pain Specialist Dr. Ehsan Saadat Oversees All Treatment Plans

Our team is spearheaded by Dr. Saadat, who oversees the diagnostic process and directs the treatment plan. The team includes experienced physical therapists, athletic trainers, as well as neurologists and pain management specialists. We utilize advanced and hands-on physical therapy techniques, as well as targeted injections to achieve pain relief. 

Not Often, But Sometimes, Surgery is the Best Option

Of course, not every spinal problem is amenable to non-surgical care, and there are circumstances where surgery is necessary or recommended. In these circumstances, we devise a customized surgical plan for each patient to restore function using the least invasive approaches and advanced techniques that preserve spinal motion. 

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