Spinal surgery can be an expensive endeavor. Many patients who would benefit from surgical intervention have hesitated to undergo the procedures because of high out-of-pocket costs. This is why Saadat Spine is pleased to share that we will be accepting Blue Shield PPO Insurance plans as an in-network provider.

Spine Surgeon Los Angeles Blue Shield PPO Insurance In Network

Dr. Ehsan Saadat is a board-certified, Harvard and Emory-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon. His areas of interest include:

  • Disk replacement and motion-preserving surgery, 
  • Minimally-invasive microscopic decompression of the cervical and lumbar spine, 
  • Minimally invasive spinal fusions (XLIF and ALIF), and 
  • Complex revision spine surgery. 

As the co-director of spinal surgery at Precision Ambulatory Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, Dr. Saadat has developed the expertise and the team of nurses and anesthesiologists to be able to safely perform a number of procedures in the outpatient setting. Dr. Saadat routinely performs cervical artificial disc replacements, anterior cervical fusions, lumbar disc replacements, and lumbar microdiscectomies and microdecompressions in the outpatient setting. This allows patients to go home a few hours after their procedure, and comfortably recover at home. 

Blue Shield PPO insurance allows policyholders to select their own hospitals and providers for inpatient or outpatient spine surgery. When choosing a surgeon for your spinal procedure such as a cervical disc replacement, lumbar disc replacement, or lumbar microdiscectomy, it is important to understand whether your surgeon and the facility where the procedure is being performed, are in your insurance network.

We are proud to announce that not only is Dr. Saadat accepting Blue Shield PPO insurance plans for spinal surgery, but that the Precision Ambulatory Surgery Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are also in-network with Blue Shield PPO insurance plans for spinal surgery. This generally means lower out-of-pocket costs for patients with Blue Shield PPO insurance plans who undergo spinal surgery. 

At Saadat Spine, in everything we do, our patients come first. We believe that every person suffering from spine problems deserves the highest quality, least invasive, and most evidence-based spine care, and the opportunity to return rapidly to a life without pain or limitations. We have built a team of nurses, doctors, pain and peri-operative specialists that deliver the highest quality of spine care in the least invasive and most effective manner.

We treat our patients like family, and that is why we often treat many members of the same family. Being in-network with the Blue Shield PPO insurance plans for spinal surgery is another way that we provide world-class spine care both in the inpatient and outpatient setting for patients from throughout the United States. 

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