Every year, Newsweek and the US News & World Report curate a list of the best hospitals in the country. They not only provide overall rankings, but also individual rankings for specific specialties.

However, with over 4,500 hospitals considered in these lists, finding the right one may be overwhelming. So, what is the best hospital for spine surgery in the US? Using these rankings and considering other factors such as specialization, we’ve curated a short list to help you narrow down your search.

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1. Cedars-Sinai

Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills, CA is not only one of the top hospitals in the country, but also has a renowned surgery center. In 2023, Newsweek named Cedars-Sinai as having the number one surgery medical center in the country. This is Dr. Ehsan Saadat’s current facility for performing spine surgery. 

In addition to this honor, US News ranks Cedars-Sinai as the best hospital in California and the number two hospital nationwide. Finally, they also rank 3rd in the nation for orthopedics overall, which includes spinal fusion surgery. 

2. Emory University Hospital

Emory University Hospital and its subsidiaries are located in Georgia. Many of the top surgeons in the nation receive training at Emory. In fact, Dr. Saadat received part of his training at this hospital. 

According to US News, Emory is the best hospital in Georgia. Additionally, Newsweek ranks Emory as having the best ambulatory surgery center in the state as well as the 15th best in the nation. This list includes around 500 facilities, so the ranking is quite high.

3. UCSF Medical Center

Another California hospital that ranks well for both spinal surgery and orthopedics in general is UCSF Medical Center. An arm of the University of San Francisco, this hospital ranks as the 12th best hospital in the nation by US News. They also rank as the 4th best hospital in California and have the 24th best orthopedics program. This is out of more than 4,500 hospitals in the US.

4. Och Spine Hospital

You can’t ask what is the best spine hospital for spine surgery without mentioning the Och Spine Center. This facility is part of the larger New York-Presbyterian Hospital system and backed by doctors from both Columbia University and Cornell. According to US News, this hospital is one of the top ten in the nation, coming in at 7th. However, the orthopedics at the Och Spine Hospital are also some of the best in the nation. Out of all US hospitals, Och ranks 10th for spine surgery.

5. Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Located in Boston, MA, Brigham and Women’s Hospital is an arm of Harvard Medical School. Listed as the 14th best hospital in the nation by US News, it has several areas of specialty. Notably, this includes spine surgery and orthopedics, which rank 41st. Moreover, many top-performing specialists train at this hospital.

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