who treats spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis, a condition characterized by the narrowing of spaces within your spine, can cause significant pain and discomfort.

Understanding who treats spinal stenosis and how it is managed is crucial for those diagnosed with this condition.

The Right Treatment for Spinal Stenosis Begins with the Diagnosis

The journey begins with a proper diagnosis. Spinal stenosis often involves symptoms like pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and in severe cases, problems with bowel or bladder control. These symptoms necessitate a visit to a healthcare professional who can diagnose the condition accurately. Typically, primary care physicians or neurologists are the first to assess these symptoms. They may use imaging tests like MRI or CT scans to confirm the diagnosis.

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Next Up is Finding the Right Kind of Doctor to Treat You

Once diagnosed, the next step is finding the right specialist for treatment. Orthopedic spine surgeons, like Dr. Ehsan Saadat, are experts in treating spinal conditions, including spinal stenosis. These specialists have extensive training in the musculoskeletal system, with a focus on spinal disorders. They are equipped to offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options depending on the severity of the condition.

Hear from Ahmad, a patient who recently received treatment for spinal stenosis by Dr. Saadat:

I had a bad case of central stenosis with progressive symptoms of leg pain and limited mobility for past two years. I tried all possible non-surgical options with no resolution to my leg pain and limited mobility. I eventually decided to do the surgery with Dr Saadat based on reviews and after an appointment with him where he explained my case and the surgery option and what to expect from it. Dr. Saadat did the surgery which is bilateral Laminotomy for my L4-L5 4 weeks ago. I am feeling great and had no nerve pain right after the surgery. I am walking now as much as I want and going through the planned recovery. D. Saddat is a top surgeon and a nice guy too who cares and answers any question (he evens responds to text and email questions). In addition, he has great staff (Aubrie) who helped with getting insurance approval, medical leave forms and surgery scheduling. – Ahmad via Google

Our Approach to Treating Spinal Stenosis

Dr. Ehsan Saadat, a board-certified, Harvard and Emory-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, offers a comprehensive approach to treating spinal stenosis. His philosophy centers on restoring function and reducing pain while employing the least invasive techniques possible. Dr. Saadat’s treatment plans are tailored to each patient, considering their specific condition, overall health, and activity level.

Watch: Dr. Saadat’s recent presentation about surgical treatment options for cervical stenosis.


For many patients, non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, medications, and injections can effectively manage symptoms. However, when surgery is necessary, Dr. Saadat utilizes state-of-the-art techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, motion-preserving surgeries like disc replacement, and advanced technologies like robotic assistance and spinal navigation.

These approaches aim to enhance safety, accuracy, and reduce recovery time, allowing many patients to return home the same day of their surgery.

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Spinal stenosis is typically treated by orthopedic spine surgeons specializing in spinal disorders. Dr. Ehsan Saadat exemplifies the expertise and patient-centered approach necessary for effectively managing this condition. With a focus on minimally invasive techniques and personalized care, Dr. Saadat ensures that patients receive the best possible outcomes, restoring their quality of life.

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