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From his office at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Dr. Ehsan Saadat sees patients from Santa Barbara, CA.

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Santa Barbara residents searching for specialized and compassionate spine care need not look any further.

Dr. Ehsan Saadat, a Board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon based in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, offers cutting-edge treatments and patient-centered approaches, ensuring each individual receives tailored care that addresses their unique needs.

Dr. Saadat’s extensive training and expertise in spine surgery have drawn patients from Santa Barbara and beyond. His commitment to utilizing advanced technologies and treatments and a holistic understanding of each patient’s needs has positioned him as a top choice for those seeking spinal care.

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Spinal Conditions Treated by Our Spine Surgeon in Santa Barbara

Dr. Saadat uses the latest techniques and tools to provide a range of treatments for patients. Many people with lower back issues don’t even need surgery. However, if surgery is necessary we choose the simplest and least invasive methods to help patients move better and recover quickly. Here are the types of spine problems we can help with at our top-rated surgery center.

Spine Shape Problems

Not all spine problems are just from wear and tear. Some people have spine shape issues like kyphosis, where the spine bends forward, or scoliosis, where the spine curves sideways. These can happen because of past surgeries or naturally. Treating these issues is complex and depends on many factors. However, Dr. Saadat will figure out the best procedure for you, which may include surgery to rebuild the spine.

Lower Back (Lumbar) Spine Issues

The lumbar spine plays a vital role in the strength and sensation in the legs. It’s commonly affected by conditions such as slipped discs, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis, which are primarily degenerative. Dr. Saadat provides a variety of treatments for lumbar issues, including physical therapy, injections, or spinal fusion, tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

Mid-Back (Thoracic) Spine Issues

The thoracic spine—crucial for leg functionality, bowel and bladder control, and maintaining balance while walking—often suffers from degenerative conditions similar to those of the cervical spine. The treatment options for thoracic spine issues closely align with those for cervical spine problems.

Neck (Cervical) Spine Issues

Neck-related problems, such as myelopathy and radiculopathy, are predominantly due to natural wear and tear. In some cases, neck compression can also result from tumors or fractures. Dr. Saadat, a leading orthopedic specialist, offers various treatments for these issues, ranging from disc replacement and spinal fusion to a surgery aimed at enlarging the space around the spinal cord in the neck area.

What Santa Barbara Patients Are Saying

the entire process from making an appointment to follow-up attention was astonishing.

“My husband chose Dr. Saadat for his back surgery after many other consultations with other highly rated surgeons. All other surgeons had recommended a more aggressive fusion surgery that would leave him with potential future issues. If you are looking for a more detailed, cutting edge, patient-specific option, this is your Doctor. Not only was the surgery a success but the entire process from making an appointment to follow-up attention was astonishing. Rarely do you receive this personal hand holding these days. Especially at a large hospital. My husband is in a business that gives him a lot of information regarding these types of surgeries and his research regarding new technologies is vast. Dr. Saadat was aware of every potential new treatment and was able to competently answer every question we had. His support team is also amazing.” Ann F., Google Review

The pain in my right lower back is now completely gone!

“Dr. Saadat is an amazing spine surgeon who performed a complicated multi-level (T2- L5 S1) fusion on me along with another spine neurosurgeon & vascular surgeon (along with a team of knowledgeable & competent healthcare professionals.) I was so impressed by his expertise, competency, compassion, & bedside manner. Even though I live in Santa Barbara County, the drive to L.A. to Cedars Sinai Hospital was well worth it for the end result! I’d had two failed fusions by a different spine neurosurgeon & was in chronic pain for years post-op. The pain in my right lower back is now completely gone! Previously I couldn’t even stand for 5 minutes & I’m now able to walk (no more cane or walker) & do volunteer work standing for 2.5 hours 8 months post-op. I know it will increase as time progresses. If you’re looking for a spine surgeon who can potentially help you as well, I highly recommend giving him a call for a consultation. It will be the best decision you ever made!” Nancy E., Yelp Review

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