Orthopedic Spine Solutions for Patients in Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita spine surgeon
From his office at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Ehsan Saadat commonly treats patients from Santa Clarita, CA.

Dr. Ehsan Saadat of Saadat Spine in southern California recieved his training in orthopedic spine surgery from Harvard University and Emory University. Dr. Saadat is proud to announce that he recently successfully treated several patients from Santa Clarita.

You can read testimonials from a couple of those patients below.

While Dr. Saadat sees patients at medical offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, he routinely treats folks from across California, and indeed, across the nation.

If you’re coming from Santa Clarita, depending on traffic, it’s between a 45-minute and 1 hour 10 minute drive to Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles. We invite you to reach out to set up an appointment with Dr. Saadat.

Santa Clarita Patient Testimonial: Billy Thomas

“I’ve not felt this comfortable and in such great hands by any Dr…. ever.”

“I discovered Dr. Saadat at the suggestion of a coworker. I could not have been more pleased. He is highly skilled at speaking to people and keeping his patients informed every step of the way. I felt comfortable from the first appointment all the way through post-surgical appointments. I’ve not felt this comfortable and in such great hands by any Dr…. ever. This is the second surgery I’ve had, the first being elsewhere. In the future I know I’ll be trusting Dr. Saadat for everything spine related.” – Billy Thomas

Santa Clarita Patient Testimonial: Brittany Sjoberg

Thank you Dr. Saadat for literally taking my pain away!

“Dr. Saadat is an amazing spinal surgeon. I’ve had two micro discectomy’s, and both times I was dealing with severe drop foot. If I hadn’t had the surgery I’m confident that the nerve damage would’ve been more severe and I would’ve been in pain a lot longer. It’s been a month since the surgery and my body is healing fast, I do have some residual nerve “dullness” in my leg, but NO pain. Thank you Dr. Saadat for literally taking my pain away! And making it so I can walk again, thank you truly thank you.” – Brittany Sjoberg

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